Sea Freight Quote

Sea Freight Quote

Regardless of whether you are sending personal items of commercial cargo, we're able to offer a cost-effective sea freight quote, delivering your goods anywhere in the world. Our friendly personnel will support you through every stage, making the whole process is simple. Our sophisticated Information Technology systems monitor your consignment and our international partners provide then same excellence of service overseas.
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Whilst air freight is favoured for time sensitive goods, sea freight continues to be the top choice for businesses and individuals looking for a more cost-effective alternate.
Sea Freight offers fantastic value anytime your consignment  isn't urgent. A service ideally designed for more substantial transport needs, Speedshift sea freight service means cost-effective international transport from a single pallet to a full container.

Tips To Get The Lowest Sea Freight Quote

If you already have a sea freight quote from another company, chat to us prior to booking. As a result of the levels of competition in the sea freight market it's feasible to obtain greatly lower sea freight quote if you're aware of the tips & tricks!

Does it really make a difference what the items are?

The vast majority of general cargo can be transported, however there is strict legislation covering particular types of cargo, for example hazardous consignments and firearms. Speedshift are able to let you know what items may be restricted.
We've nurtured close working relationships with global freight networks and take advantage of our decades of experience and knowledge to negotiate the best rates. The minute we have your shipping particulars we will acquire the very best sea freight quote from our global partners.

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