International Courier Services

International Courier Services

With Speedshift you get to select from a collection of market leading international courier services and save hundreds by booking with us as an official wholesale international partner. All are services include DOOR 2 DOOR as standard.
International Pallet Delivery
International Parcel Delivery
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Air Freight Door to Door

International Courier Services Compared

DHL International Courier Services

DHL is found in more than 220 locations worldwide, which makes it essentially the most international organisation across the globe. With in excess of 350,000 personnel, they have choices for practically an unlimited volume of logistics requirements. DHL is an important part of the worldwide leading logistics business Deutsche Post DHL Group.

TNT International Courier Services

TNT has considerably road network that stretches the length of Europe. Which provides them with a broad and substantial reach of distribution services, which means they can fulfil any continuous client service obligations, in addition to growing client customer reach. With more than 700 flights every week in addition to 55000 road trips, they are able to connect you anywhere Europe.

Best International Courier Service Rates

Transporting cargo by international courier services is among the fastest and most effective ways to distribute parcels abroad. It's additionally versatile, dependable and safe, enabling you to monitor your cargo at each step.
With Speedshift you’ll save up to 70% on the shipping rates for many of the world’s leading carriers, while benefiting from superb customer service.

Cheap international courier rates worldwide

Get an instant quote and book at the lowest prices to Europe and the rest of the world.
Courier Services to Australia    Instant Shipping to Australia Quote
Courier Services to Belgium   Instant Shipping to Belgium Quote
Courier Services to Canada Instant Shipping to Canada Quote
Courier Services to China Instant Shipping to China Quote
Courier Services to Czech Republic Instant Shipping to Czech Republic Quote
Courier Services to France Instant Shipping to France Quote
Courier Services to Germany Instant Shipping to Germany Quote
Courier Services to Hong Kong Instant Shipping to Hong Kong Quote
Courier Services  to Italy Instant Shipping to Italy Quote
Courier Services to Japan Instant Shipping to Japan Quote
Courier Services to Mexico Instant Shipping to Mexico Quote
Courier Services to Netherlands Instant Shipping to Netherlands Quote
Courier Services to New Zealand Instant Shipping to New Zealand Quote
Courier Services to Nigeria Instant Shipping to Nigeria Quote
Courier Services to Norway Instant Shipping to Norway Quote
Courier Services to Portugal  Instant Shipping to Portugal Quote
Courier Services to Singapore Instant Shipping to Singapore Quote
Courier Services to South Africa Instant Shipping to South Africa Quote
Courier Services to Spain Instant Shipping to Spain Quote
Courier Services to Sweden Instant Shipping to Sweden Quote
Courier Services to Taiwan Instant Shipping to Taiwan Quote
Courier Services to UAE Instant Shipping to UAE Quote
Courier Services to USA Instant Shipping to USA Quote


International Pallet Delivery
International Parcel Delivery
Sea Freight Part/Full Container
Air Freight Door to Door
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Pallet Delivery across Europe.
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