Air Freight Quote

Air Freight Quote

Air freight is a rapid and affordable method of shipping all sorts of belongings including personal items and a variety of commercial freight. The array of services provided is extensive, therefore to attain a cheaper air freight quote, it is essential that you supply the most accurate details possible. We can then search our network of world class partners to find the most affordable air freight rates.
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Tips To Get The Lowest Air Freight Quote

Supply the most precise weight and sizes you're able to, compact consignments frequently attracts reduced shipping costs. 

If you currently have a quotation from a competitor, talk to us before you book. As a consequence of the competition in the air freight market it's possible to get greatly reduced air freight quote if you are aware of all the tips & tricks!

What's the reason for weight and dimensions?

Airplanes are usually divided into 3 primary types:


  • Narrow Body 
  • Wide Body 
  • Freighters 

Narrow Body aeroplanes are usually restricted to really small items of freight, but are sometimes employed to reach the more isolated locations or used on paths where airlines function numerous times per day.


Wide Body airplane commonly operate on much longer trips or locations where passenger volumes are higher and they can also carry substantially larger consignments.


Extremely large shipments are only able to be transported on Freighters. The option of Freighter services is usually restricted, consequently the charges can be higher. We need to ensure that any quotations we provide are appropriate for your cargo.

Does it really make a difference what the items are?

The majority of general freight can be shipped on any kind of airplane, however there is legislation covering specific kinds of cargo, for instance hazardous consignments, may limit your cargo options to Freighter or in some instances be prohibited altogether. Speedshift have the ability to confirm that the items you want to ship can be transported. As soon as we have the details we will obtain the very best air freight quote from our international partners. We've developed close working relationships with worldwide freight networks and make use of our decades of expertise and knowledge to negotiate the lowest rates.


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