Tail Lifts are Standard No Surcharge

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Full Size (L120xW100xH210cm up to 1200kg)
Half Size (L120xW100xH100cm up to 600kg)



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Tail Lifts are Standard No Surcharge

We do not charge a surcharge for the use of tail lift vehicles as all pallet deliveries include tail lift as standard.


What is a tail lift?


A tail lift is a mechanised platform installed at the rear of a truck or lorry and is built to enable easy management of merchandise from surface level or a loading dock to the level of the vehicle bed and the other way around.


The vast majority of tail lifts are hydraulic or pneumatically driven and are operated by the driver using an remote control switch.


Drivers will use a pump truck or pallet truck to collect your goods. This is a manual device a little like a trolley jack that will lift a pallet up to 1 ton in weight. The driver then drags the pallet to the vehicle. Level firm ground is essential. Pallet trucks do not work on grass or gravel.


Note: Our tail lifts are rated to 1000kg

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