Full Loads, Part Loads & Specialist Pallet Freight



Full loads and part loads


These are mainly for 8 pallets or more. A full load will hold typically 26 standard UK pallets or 32 Europallets. Please remember most Articulated Lorries do not have a tail lift so forklifts will be needed for collection and delivery. We can organise full loads for the UK and the whole of Europe.



Specialised Pallet Sea Freight

Sea Freight


Speedshift can handle both 20í and 40í containers Worldwide. We can also give prices for LCL or part container loads. We can arrange imports and exports. Speedshift provides a full service including all customs clearance documents and help with EORI.


If you need 50 containers to be moved from Shenzhen to Antwerp or just 1 container to go to Freetown in Sierra Leone then we have the best prices and the most efficient systems in place. For things that wonít fit into containers we can also offer Heavy Cargo shipping for such things as Freight Locomotives or large trucks.




Specialised Pallet Air Freight

Air Freight


Nothing beats the speed of airfreight. Prices arenít always as high as you might think. For smaller consignments or things that MUST be delivered in a hurry then Speedshift can provide the best rates. Airfreight can also be combined with road freight as a more flexible option.


Specialist Services


Speedshift has handled so many specialist jobs it is hard to know where to start.

HIAB services for moving large generators and compressors, or big Milling Machines and Lathes.

We have collected Gold from The Congo to ship to Dubai. This involved providing armed guards and chartering a private jet for security reasons.

We can organise shipping of massive construction equipment or even whole aircraft.




If you require a more specialist freight delivery service, please email us at quotes@speedshift.co.uk


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