Will drones ever replace trucks

Will drones ever replace trucks

Drone technology is advancing at an incredible rate. The amazing DJI Phantom 3 for about £1000 is outperforming military equipment costing over £100,000.


Amazon is already trying out drones for parcel deliveries. Nice idea in theory but the practical problems will be very hard to overcome.


Firstly there is the safety aspect. A 10kg parcel landing on someone's head wouldnt be very funny. Secondly something people seem to be overlooking is how many of these drones will be stolen? Order something cheap and nasty to a neighbours address - then grab the £10,000 drone when it lands!


Of course shipping a pallet by drone will be a totally different matter. Imagine a ton of badly packed bricks raining down from the skies. Also a drone big enough to carry 1000kg already exists. It is called a helicopter! Yes a drone to carry freight will be HUGE.


Drones are set to change the world - just not in ways people think.


Imagine an robot drone with a defibrillator attached. It could fly to a patient in record time. A live video feed would then guide the doctors to administer treatment. Brings a whole new meaning to a flying doctor.


Another very important application will be search and rescue. A mountain rescue team could cover ground so much quicker than normal and the costs are tiny compared to running a full sized helicopter.

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