What is meant by a stackable pallet

What is meant by a stackable pallet

Pallets are sometimes stacked on to get more freight onto the lorry. It is quite safe to stack a small light pallet on top of something like pallet of bricks or wooden boards.

Forklift drivers handle hundreds of pallets a night at the pallet hubs and are very experienced. Sadly sometimes mistakes can happen. Basically a forklift driver will only stack a pallet if they think it is safe to do so. For example they may see a wooden crate with a nice flat surface so they will place another pallet on top. That is fine with a commercially produced crate but can cause problems with a DIY wooden box someone has knocked up.

There is an easy way to prevent stacking. Make sure the top surface of the pallet is uneven. A forklift driver will not stack if the item will be unstable. To make it even more obvious that a pallet is non stackable you can attach a small cardboard box to the top of the pallet. Something like a shoebox sticking up in the middle makes it very obvious that the pallet must not be stacked upon. It is possible to buy non stacking cones which are like a mini traffic cone which attach to the top of your pallet. These are the perfect solution but a shoebox does just as well.

You will be pleased to know that Speedshift does NOT stack pallets and all our prices are for Non Stack. Be wary of companies that seem to offer very cheap prices. They will often hit you with nasty extra charges if your pallet is non stackable which to be honest is the majority of pallets.

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