Speedshift helping students move

Speedshift helping students move

Students stop and think! Parents stop and think! Anyone going to university this year can save money and time by shipping the student’s belongings on a pallet. Speedshift has done this many times. Rather than hiring a van to move all your belongings from say London to Manchester you can box up all your belongings and place them onto a pallet. You then secure the boxes using shrink wrap which is basically heavy duty cling film.  A full pallet can hold a lot of stuff if packed correctly. You can place things like TVs or even bicycles in the middle of the pallet along with microwave ovens and as many text books as you wish. More than enough to keep any student happy.

Pallets can be found on most industrial estates, either free of charge or for a small fee say £5. If you are totally stuck we can offer a palletising service for a reasonable charge but please bear it in mind that driver’s are running on very tight schedules so you must make sure your goods are all boxed up and that you will help the driver when he arrives.

All our lorries come with a tail lift as standard. These have a weight rating of 1000kg so more than enough for personal effects. The driver will use a pallet truck or pump truck to move the pallet to the lorry. The pallet truck has very small wheels so needs smooth level ground to operate on. No gravel driveways please!

When it is time for students to return home Speedshift can reverse the procedure. Collect all your goods to send back home. Speedshift have assisted many students over the years to move to all the British universities. We have also helped students move their personal belongings all over Europe.  France and Germany are very popular destinations, along with Spain and Italy.

Whilst Speedshift can’t help you pass your exams we can help students from all over Europe have a trouble free moving experience.


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