Shipping pallets outside the EU though Speedshift and getting help with EORI

Shipping pallets outside the EU though Speedshift and getting help with EORI

Using Speedshift it is just as easy to send a pallet to Germany , Sweden, Austria or even Lithuania as it is to send one to Birmingham. The EU allows free trade between member states. Also importing from these countries is just as easy. You can ask Speedshift to collect a pallet from France and bring it back to the UK no problem at all.

Shipping pallets from outside the EU is more complex but it is something we at Speedshift do every day. We can assist you with paperwork and customs requirements. We can also help with Dangerous Goods Notices or ADR as it is known.

The most common countries people have difficulty exporting to or importing from are Norway and Switzerland. This is because they are outside the EU or European Union. Our prices include the customs paperwork charges but obviously not any duty that will be due. Another problem area is the Channel Islands. Places like Jersey and Guernsey are very popular to send pallets to. Exporting goods out to the Channel Islands is fine – it is only bringing them back to the mainland that needs paperwork and VAT to be paid etc.

An EORI number is needed to export goods outside the European Union and to import goods into the EU. It stands for Economic Operator Registration and Identification number and you can get the number from HMRC – just type EORI into their website. It takes approximately 7 days for the number to come through. Many people think you need to be VAT registered to get this number but that is not the case. Business customers below the VAT threshold and not registered can still apply for an EORI.

Sending personal goods outside the EU is always a headache. But again Speedshift can help you not only ship your pallet but help you fill in the correct paperwork needed. You need to have an itemised list of the pallet contents along with copies of your passport and declared values of the goods. We often ship personal effects for customers on pallets to Norway and Switzerland – Speedshift can usually help. Shipping your own goods through Speedshift is much cheaper than using a removals company.

Whilst nobody in the UK really likes what the EU has become it would be a nightmare if we ever left. Sending goods anywhere would become much more expensive and much harder.


So to sum up you will need an EORI number for all these countries.

Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Iceland, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Moldova, Norway, Switzerland.

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