Shipping Lathes and Milling machines and other machine tools

Shipping Lathes and Milling machines and other machine tools

Lathes and milling machines are often shipped through pallet networks. Small model makers machines are quite easy but as the machines get bigger things get much more difficult.


If you are shipping a small Myford or Boxford lathe these are pretty easy. Also many Emco and Warco lathes will fit quite nicely, Just make sure it is strapped down to a good quality pallet. Use a 120x100 pallet NOT a 120x80 Europallet as the machines are top heavy and the wider the base the safer it is.


Small milling machines and shapers can also be shipped fairly easy. Small Taig and Seig lathes are fine as are many small Clarke mills. Elliot 10M shapers also fit very nicely on a standard pallet.


Vertical drills or pillar drills are easy to ship as long as they are bolted to the pallet. These drills are usually very top heavy so they MUST be secured firmly.


When it comes to larger machines then it gets more complex. A Bridgeport mill is about the largest that can be shipped through a pallet network. Most tail lifts are rates at 1000kg so anything heavier needs forklifts at collection and delivery points. When palletising a milling machine you need to cover the pallet with a thick sheet of plywood and then ideally through bolt the machine down. Make sure the knee is wound right down to lower the centre of gravity and place any heavy machine vices at the bottom.


In theory we can ship up to 2000kg or 2 tonnes through the network.


Large lathes are a big challenge. Colchester Triumphs and larger Boxford lathes are hard to ship as the centre of gravity is almost entirely at the headstock end. They would need to be strapped to a custom pallet with slots for the forklift at the correct point under the headstock. Wind the carriage and the tailstock as far to the right as possible to balance it out. Be careful you don't damage the leadscrew when you strap the lathe down.


As long as it is packaged correctly then even CNC milling machines and lathes can be safely carried. Remember 95% of all problems comes down to bad packing!


For plenty of useful information on lathes and milling machines see this website.


See the machine tool reference archieve - it is a work of art.



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