Shipping hazardous cargo or ADR

Shipping hazardous cargo or ADR

Within the UK shipping of dangerous goods is fairly straightforward as long as you use someone like Speedshift. Sometimes extra charges will apply and delays can occur but normally we can offer almost the same service as for regular freight. There are small extra charges for preparation of the DGN or Dangerous Goods Note.

We have a fleet of vehicles that are ADR standard along with ADR trained drivers. We carry full safety equipment and fire extinguishers. We can still offer a tail lift service with our ADR vehicles but a health and safety weight limit of 750kg per pallet applies if there is no forklift available. We can offer full coverage for the whole of the UK including West Wales and Scotland.

It is easy to determine if your goods are classified as ADR or DGN. Basically there will be a UN number on the container. This will also be in the safety sheet or MDS that comes with the product. Many items that are hazardous can still be carried if they fall into the category of limited quantities. In our mind some of these aren’t very well thought out but we don’t make the rules! For example something like outboard motor engine oil will be listed as packing group 3 or III. This means that you can ship 205 litres in 1 or 5l plastic containers as they are limited quantities but if you are shipping a 205L steel barrel or drum then it comes under the scope of ADR. I know which we feel is safer!

When shipping into Europe things become more complex but again the expertise of Speedshift can help.  Some ADR goods cannot be shipped through the channel tunnel for example. Eurotunnel are quite strict which is understandable. If your goods are NOT safe for Eurotunnel they can still be carried but they have to travel via ferry which can add cost as ferry routes are limited. If goods are travelling to Northern Europe or Scandinavia then it isn’t a problem as lorries often travel to places like Sweden and Finland by sea anyway.

ADR to southern Europe can sometimes be a problem as not only do you have the Hazardous Cargo restrictions for the Eurotunnel but also some of the big European tunnels have their own restrictions. For example the Mont Blanc Tunnel connecting France and Italy has similar restrictions which means that freight has to travel a longer route.

ADR to Spain and Portugal is pretty straightforward as there are direct ferry routes from Britain to Santander and Bilbao in Northern Spain. These ferries do add a few days to the journey and also they aren’t cheap so costs can go up slightly.

ADR may seem confusing to many people but that is where using a company like Speedshift pays dividends. We can assist you with the whole process from start to finish.

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