Shipping an engine on a pallet

Shipping an engine on a pallet

We ship many engines on pallets. Everything from a little Renualt Clio engine to a Rover V8.


Good preperation is essential!


The engine MUST be drained of oil. If your engine leaks and makes a mess on another pallet of say freight there will be big cleanup charges. The best thing to do is flush the engine with diesel after draining so there is no residue left. Block up any openings with rags and place some carpet or cardboard on the pallet to absord any little drops left over.


We have shipped all sorts of engines. Very valuable Aston Martin and Bentleys V8s. Audi V10 and Lamborghini V10s. Big marine diesels like the Volvo D6 range and Cummins V8s.


Remember 95% of problems are caused by bad packing.



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