Pallet shipping versus removals

Pallet shipping versus removals

Moving house or emigrating abroad can be a stressful experience. It can also be very expensive. The easiest way is to call in a specialist removals firm. Some of the firms are great but others can be rather clumsy! They do make life much easier for you by doing all the hard work but they are not cheap. There is an alternative. You can palletise your own goods and get someone like Speedshift to ship the pallets for you.More and more people are turning to this DIY approach to save money. If you do things right and pack your own goods very carefully you will have no problems. Speedshift is moving more and more personal goods within the UK and abroad. Some of the most popular countries we ship personal effects to are Spain, France, Portugal, Ibiza, Majorca and the Greek islands.

Many ex pats use Speedshift to ship their belongings out to their holiday homes, villas and Gites. Shipping to Europe is as easy as shipping to Birmingham. No paperwork or customs requirements. All our lorries have tail lifts so we can collect and deliver to residential addresses.

When you pack your goods make sure you use plenty of bubble wrap or shredded paper. Use good strong cardboard boxes. Place the boxes on the pallets and use shrink wrap or clingfilm. You can use things like duvets and clothing to protect delicate items.

We can offer a palletising service if you choose. Drivers are not allowed into people’s homes so you will need to get everything ready for when he comes. You will then need to assist the driver in placing the boxes onto the pallet. You can get quite a lot of stuff onto a pallet if you are careful. A full pallet will carry about the same as a small van or a large estate car or 4x4.

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