Essential secrets for secure pallet delivery Europe

Essential secrets for secure pallet delivery Europe

Pallet delivery Europe is reasonably easy nowadays however it is worthwhile doing a little researching and following best practices to make sure that your cargo is shipped promptly, undamaged or on budget.

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Follow these practical guidelines to plan, reserve and safeguard your deliveries in to Europe:

Do a little investigation

All European nations prohibit the import of selected goods, for instance weapons and certain medications and control the import of others, for example alcoholic drinks and aerosols. The individual items prohibited or restricted will vary in different European countries, therefore, you really need to determine that your goods aren't on the list, or they might be impounded by customs.

Choose the ideal pallet

Selecting the best pallet for your cargo requires examining its quality and its size. Your pallet delivery is probably going to be transported on several vehicles. This will necessitate loading and unloading, to ensure that your pallet has to be of good quality to endure this manoeuvring. Confirm that no planks or blocks are missing. Most pallet delivery couriers will provide a superior pallet for you should you require this at the point of scheduling. Pallets must not exceed the standard size of 1000mm x 1200mm and the pallet shipper will normally have a upper limit for height and weight of palletised cargo. Your merchandise should never go beyond the dimensions of the pallet itself, so no overhanging goods. That said most pallet delivery companies will provide an oversize pallet service at extra cost.

Consignment preparation

In the event your products are inadequately covered, it's possible you'll encounter surcharges or perhaps rejection of collection. Your goods needs to be balanced on the pallet and anchored securely to the pallet base utilising shrink wrap, commercial strapping or rope. Shielding your cargo with supplemental packaging supplies like cardboard or bubble wrap is highly recommended. The pallet should not be top heavy, since it will most likely fall over and cause damage to other clients' goods or the truck.

Note any vehicle parts that have contained oils or liquids are required to be completely drained before transport and the item must be positioned on a pallet with adequate packaging to collect any remaining liquid drips.

Book diligently

As soon as you have prepared your cargo, you will have to measure and weigh before reserving your delivery. If your pallet does not meet the maximum height for full pallet you may be considered for a half pallet rate. With Speedshift, transportation to Europe is painless, you have no additional paperwork and your pallet is managed in precisely the same manner as if to a UK address. In addition, ensure that your shipment has the required level of insurance cover. Extended cover can be purchased at the time of booking.

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