Odd things people ship on pallets with Speedshift

Odd things people ship on pallets with Speedshift

One of the more interesting aspects of working at Speedshift is we are often asked to ship unusual items on pallets. Not only around the UK but to Europe and Worldwide. Our staff are very experienced and can offer all sorts of advice in packing your item. Ultimately though the packing is down to the customer. We believe 95% of problems are caused by bad packing.

We have one customer who ships full size Daleks, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader statues and even replica spaceships to the Uk and much of Europe. Sometimes they go to the film industry but some people will buy them as unusual focal points for their gardens or mansions!

We have another customer who ships life size cast iron stags. They make great garden ornaments and look most realistic. We have shipped them all over the UK. We have even sent some to Scotland which is surely a case of Coals to Newcastle! They have even been delivered to places like France and Germany and even more strangely Dubai! Makes a change from camels I suppose!

We deliver portaloos and other portable toilets to all sorts of venues around the UK including Glastonbury. The office joke is to ask if they have been drained before shipping. Yuch imagine that leaking! Portaloos are easy to ship. They don't require a pallet as they have pallet slots in the base.

Another of our customers ships taxidermy animals around the World. The paperwork can be a little tedious especially in places like Norway and Switzerland but we can help with customs paperwork. We have shipped everything from stuffed rats to a full size stuffed Grizzly Bear. Poor thing!

The oddest shipment anyone has ever tried to ship with us was a whole dead whale shark. It had been washed up on a beach and the customer asked us to ship it in a container to Japan. We politely declined on that occasion and explained that the shark was decomposing badly and would be declared a public health hazard. Fortunately the government in the country of origin seized the carcass and disposed of it. We had visions of it being placed in a container and being refused at every port in the world. The shark would have spent the end of its days travelling the seven seas.

We have just shipped a pallet of pallets. A lady asked us to ship 12 custom pallets to form the base of her hot tub. I wonder if we will get an invite?

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