Mercury Verado 400R Outboard

Mercury Verado 400R Outboard

The new Mercury Verado 400R is the latest development of the six cylinder supercharged Verado line of outboards. The engine is similar to the 350 but revs higher to produce a genuine 400hp.


Yamaha produced a V8 350hp outboard a while ago. It is a massive engine. Very heavy. Everyone hoped it would be developed to produce 400hp. Shoudlnt be too difficult as it is a 5.3L engine. Yamaha announced they were introducing a new varient of it. But what did they do? Reduce power to 300hp. Absolutely crazy. Awful power to weight ratio.


Hopefully now Mercury have upped the ante we will see Suzuki and Evinrude following suit. Tohatsu and Honda are pretty unlikely to venture into engines this size but who knows?


Speedshift has already shipped some of these new Verados around the World for lucky customers. Large outboards like this need to be shipped in their original crates to avoid damage.



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