Meet the MD of UK pallet delivery company Speedshift

Meet the MD of UK pallet delivery company Speedshift

Vince Jones is the Managing Director of Speedshift, one of the fastest growing UK pallet delivery and supply chain management organisations. Combining his performance history for cultivating logistics efficiency and the quest for exceptional customer service, Speedshift's potential appears positive.

What is the plan moving forward?

Our company is experiencing a significant growth curve. I believe there's a real potential in the logistics sector to elevate the industry's typical mediocre customer service and experience. Everyone is encountering a growing demand for intelligent supply chain management. You will still find countless conventional pallet delivery companies focused on price, however our customers demand more.

Clients today rely on us, to become their UK transportation partner for all pallet deliveries and a true extension of their own logistics operation. They need excellence and consistency. Speedshift has reacted, aligning the company appropriately and making certain that we deliver the results our clients demand.

What can we expect in the future?

A customer centric strategy will continue to sit at the core of our approach. Customer service influences our traditions, business and focal point. We'll be paying very close attention to exactly what our clients need to determine and augment service.

We operate a UK pallet delivery and collection supply chain program. We transport everything from individual pallets to entire trailers, not only in the UK, but internationally, anywhere around the world. When considering transportation, clients should expect superior solutions and integrated support to assist them driving their own company growth.

What is it that your clients really care about?

Simple, they are looking for an exceptional pallet delivery service at sensible prices. However, we are frequently discovering that cost is certainly not everything in regards to selecting a transport company. In short customers want a logistics partner that cares about their cargo, that can ensure their cargo arrives at its destination, on time, on budget and in perfect condition.

Of course things can sometimes go wrong in logistics, that unfortunately is the nature of the industry. However our ultimate goal is to establish systems and processes that help manage any foreseeable problems, providing consistent expected results.

How would you sum-up Speedshift in one sentence?

Speedshift is a "people-business", with some extremely skilled employees, dedicated on customer service, demanding standards and reliability.

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