World's Top 10 largest logistics and supply chain management companies Part 2

World's Top 10 largest logistics and supply chain management companies Part 2

So last week we had a sneaky peak at the bottom five world's leading players from the logistics and supply chain management industry, in reverse order or value. Today we are looking at the Top 5 behemoth heavy weights

No - 5 Union Pacific

Union Pacific is an accomplished cargo haulage railway that runs 8500 trains comprising of 43 different types, operational more than 32100 miles. Its system is the 2nd largest in the United States Of America. The corporation was established in way back in 1862 when it was known as "Union Pacific Rail Road". The company's net worth is around $7.8 billion (£5.95 billion).

No 4 - DHL

DHL is among the list of most recognised logistics and supply chain management brand names throughout the world, providing services in intercontinental transportation, courier solutions, road and rail transport, air and ocean cargo, worldwide parcel delivery and contract logistic services. Launched in the United States in 1969, the firm had expanded international by the late 1970s and its present worth is considered to be in the area of $10.7 billion (£8.26 billion).

Ok so we're getting close to the top.... List look the world's top 3 logistics and supply chain management companies

No 3- Japan Railways Group

The Japan Railways Group is much more generally referred to as the JR Group and comprises of 7 organisations that took over the majority of the properties and functions of the federal-owned Japanese National Railways back in 1987. The JR Group boasts a complete course length of around 12,500 miles, which approximately half is electrical. Latest value is considered to be $11.1 billion (£8.47 billion).

No 2 - FedEx

FedEx Corporation is a US multinational logistics and supply chain management company with its head office in Memphis, Tennessee United States Of America. FedEx provides a comprehensive collection of internet solutions for shipping preparation, parcel monitoring, shipping rates and resources for international cargo shippers and smaller businesses. The label FedEx is in fact an acronym of the identity of the business's initial air division, "Federal Express". The company value, stands at $18.1 billion (£13.81 billion).

Rounding off at the top slot is the all time heavy weight in logistics and supply chain management

No 1 - UPS

United Parcel Service is a United states international parcel distribution business and a supplier of logistics and supply chain management solutions. Services additionally include a cargo airfreight, a cargo-based trucking business and retail structured packaging and shipping centres. UPS has somewhere around 445,000 staff members with roughly 240,000 vehicle operators with intercontinental package operation supplying to over 220 nations. The value of the company is a whopping $22 billion (£16.78 billion).

Well there you go logistics and supply chain management top players around the globe. 

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