Land Rover Range Rover V8

Land Rover Range Rover V8

Speedshift is often asked to ship Land Rover and Range Rover engines and gearboxes on pallets. We also ship many spare parts and components. Speedshift believes in supporting British manufacturing companies so our company car policy includes options for Land Rover, Range Rover and Jaguar products.


The MD of Speedshift was honoured to be invited to Eastnor Castle near Hereford to drive the new Range Rover at it's pre press launch. The model used was the Range Rover V8 diesel. On road driving revealed towering performance and a lovely magic carpet ride quality. The diesel V8 had massive torque and very little turbo lag. The engine was smooth and refined and hardly felt like a diesel. The engine is the TDV8 3.6L producing 268bhp and a massive 472ft lbs of torque. This engine also lends itself very well to chipping also known as a remap. This can boost power up to 360bhp and increase torque to over 600ft lbs. This gives a huge boost in performance. Often the Range Rover is faster on country roads than many supercars as you sit so much higher up you can see over the brow of a hill. The only drawback I found to the V8 diesel was it's greater weight made the car a tad nose heavy. The 3L V6 is better balanced but the engine has to work quite a bit harder. Of course the ultimate engine choice is the supercharged V8 petrol engine. It is 5 litres and produces an awesome 510bhp. The engine sounds amazing and it gace the Range Rover Sport I was driving staggering performance. Acceleration was truly neck snapping. Similar to a takeoff in a fast jet. You actually feel yourself pushed back into the seat. Acceleration was so good you can actually give many motorbikes a run for their money. The drawback of course is heavy fuel consumption. Driving hard you will only get 18mpg but in fairness that was better than I expected.


It is offroad where the Land Rover really shines. The Eastnor Castle estate has been used by Land Rover for many years for offroad events. On the test day it had been raining hard and the clay was extremely slippery. The vehicle I was driving was the brand new autobiography model and worth over £100,000. I asked Land Rover what would happen if I hit a tree. I was told not to worry and just enjoy the drive. I have done plenty of offroad driving in my trusty Defender 110 and I was amazed to find that the new Range Rover is almost as good offroad. Yes really it is. A luxury limousine should not be able to go places I took that Range Rover. They put us on the most difficult course of all and with the rain and slippery mud it made it even worse. We were driving on standard road tyres but I did notice they used 255 width tyres instead of 275 which the road cars were fitted with. The LandRover coped with everything I threw at it. The terrain response system was amazing. Just when you thought the car was going to bottom out the suspension would lift itself just enough to clear the obstruction! The Eastnor Estate is big enough for over 2 hours of offroading without back tracking once. A truly amazing experience.


Thank you Land Rover.



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