Guide to pallet carriers distribution

Guide to pallet carriers distribution

We are regularly asked about our services and how they work, so I thought I would give you a brief overview of a pallet carriers distribution. Hopefully this will provide you with a simple introduction, explaining first what a pallet is and then how pallet carriers works.

What is a Pallet?

A pallet is a level supporting framework that carries goods when they are being lifted by a forklift truck or other similar manual devices. Pallets also help to warehouse and transport product in a structured standardised format. Pallets help to safeguard the merchandise from damage and helps to keeps goods balanced for shipping or storing. The humble pallet acts like a platform or foundation for the goods in the distribution network. They are provide and exceedingly effective and economical method for manoeuvring, shipping and storing goods.

Pallet carriers have a preference for to use wooden pallets, however some might offer plastic, paper or recycled pallets if clients especially demands it.

What is pallet distribution?

Pallet distribution is the transportation of cargo from one location to another. It requires the merchandise to be correctly secured onto pallets then secured using strapping and shrink wrap and then shipped to the selected location. Distribution of cargo on pallets is now the most popular technique for delivering goods. Typically pallets are able to carry up to 1000 kilos (yep, that's a tonne), so they facilitate mobility of heavy goods much simpler.

What is the process of pallet distribution?

  • The client places an order via online control panel. For illustration Fred Jones might sign on and book 2 pallets to be collected from Birmingham and delivered to Glasgow
  • The items will be collected on the requested day or at the time of day, dependant on which option they choose
  • After the goods are collected they are taken to a depot and then amalgamated onto lorries ready for distribution to the desired destination
  • If the destination falls outside of the carriers region the goods may be sent via their dedicated pallet network and trunked to the appropriate regional depot for distribution
  • Typical delivery times are normally 24 / 48 hours dependant on how the price and urgency of the customer. If a client needs a timed delivery slot then usually costs a little more but it assures the customer that their pallets will be collected and
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