Essential Guidelines for Shipping to South Africa

Essential Guidelines for Shipping to South Africa

If you happen to be transporting freight to South Africa by sea, you're likely to be fascinated in discovering the guidelines for ocean freight shipping to South Africa. It's possible to send domestic and personal products to South Africa duty-free however you will have to complete some documentation for the South African Customs Authorities.

For citizens moving back to South Africa having been out of the country for 6 months or more, you're permitted to import personal items to South Africa duty free once you return. All goods brought in to South Africa are susceptible to regular customs inspections. It's advisable to be ready to present your passport on arrival in South Africa.

You'll also find particular duty fees and some constraints on transporting specific things including alcoholic beverages, food and tobacco.

If you're likely to be a short-term resident of South Africa, you'll be able to import your personal property duty free if you've got a valid work permit AND temporary residence permit, alternatively you're going to be required to pay certain duty relevant fees.

In the event that you recently inherited products you'd like to have imported to South Africa, you are entitled to import those things duty free providing you can supply a licensed copy of the "last will and testament" that identifies your inheritance of the objects that you want to ship to South Africa.

Products Controlled from Freight Shipping to South Africa

You will find specific regulations and limitations about the importation of certain goods to South Africa. For instance, if you're considering importing weapons and ammo to South Africa, it's possible to import these things duty free nonetheless you need to have an "import permit" from customs before importing.

There's certain documentation needed for importing weapons and ammo to South Africa. For illustration, you have to submit form SAP311 in full. The customs authorities will retain this document and issue an SAP312. Furthermore, you've got 60 days to certify weapons and ammo in South Africa and to get these goods examined before obtaining the SAP312. Ensure that your weapons are effortlessly recognizable in an area in your shipping container that is easily accessible.

It's possible to send alcoholic beverages to South Africa but you've got to pay full duty and taxes. Additionally , you will have to get a specific "removal certificate" prior to shipping any kind of alcohol in to South Africa.

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