Essential Guidelines for Shipping to Singapore

Essential Guidelines for Shipping to Singapore

Singapore is an island located in the south-easterly corner of Asia. If you are considering shipping to Singapore, you should note that it's a major shipping hub.

Undoubtedly one of the most popular ports worldwide, the Port of Singapore generally home to over 1000 ships at any one time, having a ship arriving or departing every few moments. Singapore harbour is linked to over 600 shipping ports are the world.

Freight Shipping to Singapore

There is certain documentation you must have, when shipping used domestic goods and personal items to Singapore, however the guidelines vary dependant on if you are a national of Singapore or not.

  • Paperwork required:
  • Inventory of goods being shipped
  • Original Passport
  • Work license, generally known as an "Employment Pass", valid for a minimum of 1 year

Provided that the household and personal items you are transporting to Singapore have been owned formerly and intended for use in Singapore, you're going to be eligible to avoid specific taxes. In order to qualify, you need to continue to reside in Singapore for a minimum if 12 months.

As mentioned above, you will need to possess a Work Permit valid for at least 12 months in Singapore. The Immigration Department , can supply an application for this permit and acknowledgement if you don't have one on entry. AAA For anyone who is a Singapore resident interested in transporting freight in to the country, it is crucial that you have your original passport. You could s also have some fees waived if the things you are shipping to Singapore have been owned by you abroad and you intend to use them when imported.

Irrespective of standing, remember that anyone who is transporting antiques, artworks or other merchandise that is determined to be over a 100 years old, will need to have a detail by detail inventory record, invoice, and document proving the age of the items.

Controlled Items

In case you're shipping to Singapore, don't forget that some things are controlled or banned from entering into the country. Restricted items entail the following:

Approved medication – you will need a current prescription Ornamental swords and knives (you need to express the ornamental character of these products). Alcoholic drinks – The duty for a alcohol needs to be charged if the alcohol is a component of your household items and in a modest quantity.

Forbidden items:

  • Weapons Drugs
  • Porn Material
  • Tobacco products
  • Potted and vegetables Ivory


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