Essential Guidelines for Shipping to Nigeria

Essential Guidelines for Shipping to Nigeria
If you're considering shipping to Nigeria, you will find a choice of unique shipping ports in Nigeria such as the Port of Apapa, the Port of Harcourt along with the Port of Pennington.
There are a few essential documents you need to have with you prior to shipping to Nigeria:
·       Travel Documentation/Passport
·       Travel Visa
·       Work Permit and Residence Permit
·       Certificate of any change of residence
·       Customs unaccompanied luggage statement
·       Form Sale 48
·       Comprehensive shipping inventory list in English
Additionally you need to submit the PUBD Form following your arrival in Nigeria. Ensure that you've got a letter permitting the agent in Nigeria to pass your freight.
Whenever you ship to Nigeria, you really should be present for customs approval if at all possible. Your freight will be examined by customs. It's possible you'll even need to open a new bank account during the time you're in Nigeria, that will enable you to apply for the necessary Form “M” for shipping to Nigeria.
Duty Free Shipping to Nigeria
It is worthwhile noting that used personal objects and household items usually qualify for duty free shipment to Nigeria.
So that you can meet the requirements for duty free shipping, your freight you need to have owned your personal objects for 6 months or more before to shipping. Furthermore, the shipment you send to Nigeria has to be for personal use only.
If you're a Nigerian resident moving back to the country, you can still qualify for duty-free shipping, if you have resided outside of Nigeria for more than 9 months before to shipping to Nigeria.
Please bear in mind that it's crucial that your freight arrives inside 60 days of your arrival to Nigeria.
Dutiable and Restricted Items when Shipping to Nigeria
Some goods do attract duties. You're able to send alcoholic beverages and tobacco to Nigeria without having an import license if they're part of your household items. However these things have to be in a sensible quantity for personal consumption. Any additional alcohol and tobacco products will draw a duty fee.
It's also possible to ship one of each type of appliances to Nigeria.
Various other items restricted or are subject to duties include the following:
·       Fragrance and Cologne
·       Jewellery
·       Any films, videos, CDs, publications and audio tapes
·       Computer Systems
Banned Items when Shipping to Nigeria
There's rather a long list of things that are forbidden from entry to Nigeria:
·       Air powered guns
·       Photo printing paper
·       Fake currency
·       Blank invoices
·       Cars older than 8 years old
·       Vouchers for overseas football betting agreements
·       Tea mixed with other ingredients.
·       Tools relating to the reloading of ink cartridges
·       Immodest or indecent prints, paintings or material of any kind
·       Matches containing white phosphorous
·       Materials probably in the viewpoint of the President to produce a breach of the peace or to offend the religious opinions of any class of people in Nigeria.
·       Animal meat, vegetables and fruits or other provisions stated by a Nigerian health authority to be unsuitable for human consumption
·       Anything displaying inscriptions (whatever language) from the Koran or derived from the heritage and writings of the Koran
·       Guns disguised in any way
·       Second hand clothing not for personal use

·       Silver or metal coins that are not legal tender in Nigeria 

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