Essential Guidelines for Shipping To New Zealand

Essential Guidelines for Shipping To New Zealand

If you're considering transporting international freight or personal items to New Zealand, a specialist international shipping company like Speedshift can assist you from start to finish ensuring your undertaking with cargo shipping to New Zealand is a great deal smoother.

Some paperwork you'll want to get ready, consists of the next three items:

  • An original passport
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of employment

Just as with the majority international shipping, you'll be required to produce a comprehensive shipping inventory list of every single thing you are shipping to New Zealand.

Duty Free Guide For Shipping to New Zealand

If you are transporting used personal things and household items to New Zealand, you might have the ability to ship these items duty-free.

To qualify for duty free shipping:

  • You will need to be a resident or intend to be a permanent resident of New Zealand.
  • You should have lived outside of New Zealand for more than 21 months before to returning.
  • You must have used the things that you're sending duty-free.
  • The items which you're shipping to New Zealand need to be for personal use only.

If you're moving overseas to New Zealand and your goods arrive in the country before you, the customs authorities will demand a sight entry.

Items Regulated When Transporting to New Zealand

Some things might be extremely controlled or forbidden from entry into New Zealand. Additionally, there are specific guidelines about transporting weapons and ammunition in to New Zealand and a Police Permit is necessary if you intend to ship these items.

There are various particular regulations for sending food and agricultural goods in to New Zealand, and due to inspections this may take a day or two.

Forbidden Products

A number of products are stringently restricted from shipment into Zealand, including:

  • Tinned and preserved meats, herbs & spices, eggs and dairy goods
  • Honey or bee keeping equipment
  • Switchblades, sword-canes and knuckle-dusters
  • Pornographic materials

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