Essential Guidelines for Shipping to Malaysia

Essential Guidelines for Shipping to Malaysia

For anyone who is planning international shipping to Malaysia, or emigrating to Malaysia, you should understand that the nation has a number of principal shipping ports which include the Rajang and Sandakan Ports.

Prior to arranging you freight shipping to Malaysia, you must have the appropriate paperwork:

  • Original Travel Documents/Passport
  • Work License
  • Travel Visa
  • Employers reference letter from Malaysian employer declaring the precise explanation for your work in Malaysia and the expected length of your stay
  • Copy and sign 8x copies of Customs Form No 1
  • Signed authorization letter to destination professional which enables your cargo to be approved

Ensure that your content list matches to the exact contents of your consignment. Whenever shipping to Malaysia, you should make a different list of the electrical products, devices and brand new products that you are transporting. Include the brand name, model type, country of origin, voltage and cost of the goods in your freight shipment to Malaysia.

When your consignment moves through customs in Malaysia, you need to be present in order to complete and sign some documentation. It's also essential to be aware that your shipment to Malaysia might be susceptible to a customs review.

If you would like to ship goods to Malaysia duty free, you must have owned the items for a minimum of three months and you don't discard the same goods for at least six months following your arrival to Malaysia.

Additionally, to be considered for duty free shipping to Malaysia, you will need to be a non-native with a Malaysian work permit or a registered citizen of Malaysia who has lived overseas from Malaysia for over 12 months.

Duty Fees, regulations and taxes when shipping to Malaysia

You are expected to pay duty, taxes or seek certain import permits on some things. For instance, all electrical goods shipped in to Malaysia need to include an import permit. What's more, you may have to pay certain duty fees and taxes if any of your items are less than six months old. It's incredibly advantageous if you've got the original receipts with the cost of your products recorded.

A few items are controlled from entry to Malaysia:

  • Video tapes and films must be evaluated by the Malaysian censoring board
  • Metal products made from gold and silver
  • Live vegetation need a Phytosanitary certification and endorsement from the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture
  • Alcoholic beverages and tobacco is subject to import duties in Malaysia
  • You're permitted to ship a computer system to Malaysia without having to pay taxes however you are restricted to a maximum of 3 computers per household. Take note that you can't sell any duty free computers sent to Malaysia at least 12 months after arrival. Computers also need import licenses.

Goods forbidden from entry to Malaysia

The following goods are prohibited enter:

  • Weapons, explosive materials, fire-works and ammo
  • Drugs
  • All food stuffs
  • Pornographic material
  • Any books, videos material considered politically sensitive
  • Gold bullion bars
  • Short wave radios
  • Vehicles older than 5 years
  • Communist literary works

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