Essential Guidelines for Shipping To Kenya

Essential Guidelines for Shipping To Kenya
If you're going to be considering freight shipping personal items or different merchandise to Kenya, a specialist and reliable freight shipping company like Speedshift can assist in making your experience shipping to Kenya simple.  Kenya is has several cargo shipping ports such as the Port of Mombasa  and the Port of Malindi.
Prior to shipping to Kenya, you'll find various customs guidelines and legislation you may wish to understand in upfront. If you're a citizen of Kenya coming back following a period away, it's possible to ship used domestic products and used personal goods duty-free to Kenya providing you have resided outside of the country for two years.
Should you be you're relocating abroad with a work permit, you will be permitted to send personal objects and household items duty free, however you need to do this within 3 months of arriving in Kenya.
Ahead of shipping to Kenya, you'll discover a few essential documents you will need to have to be able to simplify your cargo shipping experience.  Ensure you've got the following documentation ready to ship:
·       Passport
·       Work permit (if applicable)
·       Comprehensive listing of all of your products
If you happen to be transporting new residential objects and personal things to Kenya, you're required to pay any duty fees founded on the worth of the goods.
Objects Restricted from Shipping in to Kenya
It's useful to understand that there're regulations among them extra taxes and fees on specific items. For illustration, you are expected to pay duty and taxes on any alcoholic drinks. Other things that attract fees when shipping to Kenya include:
·       Brand new goods
·       Commercial goods for sale
·       Airplanes
·       Personal Computers
·       Used equipment
Importation or exportation of items to/from Kenya
In order to export products from Kenya, you must complete and register the customs export affirmation documentation.
For anyone who is shipping commercial items to Kenya, cargo with an FOB worth greater than $5,000 USD, are subject to examination.

If you wish to export products from Kenya, you will additionally need a business invoice and comprehensive cargo list. You will need an export permit to export specific items, including minerals, animals, vegetation and cattle. 

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