Essential Guidelines for Shipping To Japan

Essential Guidelines for Shipping To Japan

If you're going to be freight shipping to Japan, there is some documentation you must organize beforehand. Anyone who is relocating to Japan will need a passport for each family member. If you're not moving to Japan on a permanent basis but are plan to remain in Japan for an extensive period of time, you also need to supply details regarding your residency in Japan incorporating address details and a visa to work in Japan dated for more than 12 months.

In case you're landing in Japan by way of commercial air carrier, specific paperwork will probably be obtainable on the airplane such as the Declaration for Unaccompanied Baggage to Japan. Anybody who is shipping to Japan, needs be ready to supply a precise catalogue of objects that you are transporting. It is possible to compose this checklist in English or Japanese however ensure that it provides comprehensive details.

You're permitted to ship used household and personal items duty free to Japan providing you have possessed and used these things for a minimum of 12 months before transportation.

The majority deliveries going into Japan are examined by Japanese customs authorities. Please bare in mind if you have locked suitcases in your cargo container, you must supply a key for the customs officers. You must also supply the final destination address with telephone number for your shipment as soon as it is delivered to Japan.

Freight Shipping to Japan and Controlled Items

Various things are controlled when transporting to Japan. Any controlled goods have got to be loaded in order that they are effortlessly reachable by Japanese customs authorities. You will discover limitations on shipping alcoholic beverages, rice, tobacco and videos.

If you're sending rice to Japan, you'll find specific limitations on the amounts that you're permitted to ship. You should also detail the goods such as the weight of the rice.

Ensure that you supply a thorough list, if you are preparing to transport videos to Japan. You're likely to be asked to pay duties and taxes on select electrical devices in addition to new products that you're shipping to Japan. It is recommended that you produce an invoice for these products.

You're able to ship a few products to Japan duty free providing you transport them in small quantities. These things consist of alcohol, tobacco and fragrances.

Items Prohibited from shipment to Japan

A number of products are not permitted to be sent to Japan and including seeds and bulbs, various kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables are also forbidden from shipment into Japan.

Other things that are prohibited to be transported to Japan include the following:

  • Narcotics or drugs
  • Endangered animals
  • Counterfeit cash
  • Pornography or politically sensitive materials
  • Weapons and ammunition
  • A Quarantine Certificate is required to ship plants, furs, meats and stuffed animals

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