Essential Guidelines for Shipping To Jamaica

Essential Guidelines for Shipping To Jamaica
Jamaica, situated in the Caribbean, ranges a little over 4200 square miles. Adjacent islands in the chain are the Dominican Republic & Haiti. Jamaica has a number of shipping ports like Port of Morant and Port of Lucea. Kingston, Jamaica’s biggest city is the largest shipping port.
Prior to transporting freight to Jamaica, you can find some crucial details that you'll should get in order. Paperwork you’ll want include:
  • Travel documentation such a passport or visa
  • Import Permit
  • Bill of Sight
  • Tax Compliance Certificate
  • Import Entry
For anyone who is relocating to Jamaica, it's possible to rather effortlessly ship household objects and personal goods such as furniture, cloths, brown goods and white goods. Merchandise with a CIF import value (cost, insurance, freight) of less than 1000 USD can be approved in Jamaica without having support from a licensed Customs Broker.
When you're sending goods to Jamaica which are valued over 1000 USD, you must have assistance from a certified Customs Broker. For anyone who is moving to Jamaica you're permitted to take clothes and personal care products. Additionally you can bring musical instruments and equipment that you'll require for your job opportunities, provided that you have owned these things for a "reasonable period" of time and aren't for resale.
Tobacco and alcohol is acceptable given that they're in volumes applicable for personal use. Used household goods which aren't imported for reselling are also acceptable.
Goods Forbidden from Shipping to Jamaica
You will discover constraints on some things you may possibly be interested in transporting to Jamaica. For instance, if you are sending meat, fruit or veg to Jamaica, you must have a special license. Weapons also need a special license.
In case you are considering in shipping specific medicines to Jamaica, you will have to get a PSD certificate.
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