Essential Guidelines for Shipping To India

Essential Guidelines for Shipping To India

Shipping to India is a fast and straight forward process. If you follow these guidelines, you'll be able to eliminate any setbacks and ship your goods as easily as possible. We have divided the advice into sections to make it easier to understand.

Indian Customs Clearance & Documentation

Shipping goods abroad is a simple process providing you observe a couple of rules and adhere to some shipping legislation:

  • Every nation has its very own directory of restricted & disallowed items and India is no different. So check with the "Indian Central Board of Excise and Customs", to ensure your goods are not on the list.
  • The most essential inclusion with your package is the customs documents, that will be supplied when you book with Speedshift. This must be filled out fully and correctly.


  • The customs papers detail the goods you are shipping and the overall value. These details are then used by customs to apply the proper tax & duty.
  • The total amount you need to pay is dependent on a mix of things; such as your reason for export, the type of goods and the value of the goods.

Things to note:

  • Premium priced items for reselling can mean greater duty and tax, than when shipping a gift, that is not for sale. All parcels sent outside of the EU must include this paperwork, it is therefore important you complete it properly.
  • Freight sent to India has a typical transit time of up to 4 days. So we recommend you plan in advance because long distance international shipments can face delays, especially at customs.

Restricted & Disallowed Items

All countries keep a list of restricted & disallowed items. We advise clients keep an eye on the shipping legislation and prohibitions for all destinations, particularly India, so that you can avoid setbacks and extra fees. Here are some items restricted for import into India:

  • Pornography and indecent material
  • Charts and literary works where Indian extraneous borders being presented inaccurately.
  • Ivory

Sending goods into nations such as India can be challenging the result of their stringent regulations and bureaucracy. South Africa, China, United States and Russia can also be much the same , we really recommend clients complete all shipment documentation accurately to avoid delays.

India also limits the import of the following things:

  • Seed-stock
  • Food
  • Second Hand Goods
  • Medicine
  • Video Tapes
  • Electronics

Want to ship Electronics? If you're sending particular electronics you'll must ensure you've got supplementary information on your package. For used electronics, like computers or Televisions, a "No Objection Certificate" (NOC) is needed from the Ministry of Environment and Forest. This is a document that shows the Ministry has no objection to the import of the pertinent object. This is usually the duty of the recipient, not the sender.

Want to ship Medicines? As medicines are restricted goods you'll need further papers to accompany them. A No Objection Certificate (NOC) is necessary from the Assistant Drug Controller of India. Additionally, you must use the scientific name of the drug, not the brand name.

In case the medicines are for personal consumption then the NOC form must be included. If the drugs are for another reason, then seek further advice from the medicinal import guidelines.

Sending Personal Items & Gifts To India

When mailing gifts overseas your parcel is likely to be subject to gift exemptions, that can decrease the total duty and tax on your package. The gift exemption for India is set at INR 10,000 for gifts and business samples. Although, it is possible to ship 10 identical samples per delivery.

How about food? Food cargo requires a No-Objection Certificate from the Food Safety authorities in India:

  • Foods has to be shipped in the authentic manufacturer’s packing.
  • Food packing needs to be sealed and not interfered with in in any manner.
  • Food label must specify every ingredient.
  • Foods should have a shelf life of at least 6 months from the date of shipping.

Remote Area Shipping

India is an enormous and distinctive country with a diversified landscape. It has a myriad of remote areas that can be challenging when transporting a parcel to India. A remote area is characterised by how challenging it is to service the area. In this situation, a remote area surcharge is typically applied.



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