Essential Guidelines for Shipping to Dubai

Essential Guidelines for Shipping to Dubai

If you're considering shipping cargo or personal items to Dubai, an expert international shipping company like Speedshift can help you from beginning to end making sure your endeavour with cargo shipping to Dubai is a good deal easier.

While you're shipping freight to Dubai, don't forget that all freight deliveries could be examined.

You're able to transport used household goods and personal items duty free however you must have an UAE Residence Permit.

If you're a citizen of Dubai coming back to the area having been out if the country for some time, or if you aren't a resident of UAE but are intending to moving to Dubai, you'll find some crucial papers you have to get in order to help make your freight shipping encounter smoother. Ensure that you've got the following documents in order prior to shipping to Dubai:

  • Two duplicates of your passport
  • An UAE Residence Permit
  • Evidence of employment in Dubai
  • Comprehensive catalogue of your consignment items composed in English together with the original and two further duplicates of your Insurance certification

If you're transporting new household and personal goods, you'll have to pay the duty fees. This can be identified in more detail by customs authorities in Dubai.

Controlled Items from import to Dubai

If you're freight shipping to Dubai, it's crucial to remember there are several things that are controlled include the following:

  • Vegetation necessitate a Health Certification
  • Governmental or religious written material necessitates prior written approval from the UAE Ministry
  • Medicine is dependent to acceptance and examination
  • Food stock is dependent on evaluation and agreement by the Ministry of Health
  • Caustic or combustible products
  • Possessions including stamps and rare coins

Items forbidden from shipping to Dubai

It's useful to remember that you'll find some things that you can't ship to Dubai. For instance, you're not permitted to transport pork meat or other pork products. Forbidden items taken into custody by customs officials might be destroyed without having the owners’ permission.

Forbidden items or those that necessitate special permits from authorities include:

  • Any documents or things regarded as offensive to Islamic teachings are banned from the UAE.
  • Weapons and ammunition
  • All alcohol
  • Endangered animals and goods made from endangered species (for example, ivory)
  • Communications hardware and wireless transmitters
  • Imitation cash

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