Essential Guidelines for Shipping To America

Essential Guidelines for Shipping To America
When shipping to America all freight must be approved by customs. You will therefore need a Customs Invoice for your delivery. This will determine the amount of tax and duties you have to pay, so ensure that you complete it completely.
For illustration, a shipment of childrens’s clothing is far better tagged as ‘Clothing – kids, Sizes 3-6’ rather than ‘Clothing’. US Customs is notorious for being diligent.
Zero duties or taxes will be implemented if the consignment value is below particular thresholds. For example, the Gift value limit is $200. If you're shipping a gift to the America then label the item as an "unsolicited gift" on the invoice, its complete description and value. Make sure that you send the gift to a residential address and not a US business address, else you will billed duty and tax. If your delivery is valued over $2,500, it will be subject to delays as it has to go through "formal clearance".
If your products have duty or tax added, the receiver will be called by customs to confirm their Tax ID. They'll then have to pay the extra costs added to your package. You're able to pay the costs individually by contacting customer support prior to booking and organising for the expenses to be dispatched to you, instead. A few items need an import license so they can enter the US legally. If you're uncertain if you require one, visit the official US Customs website
Restricted & Disallowed Items
The USA has a checklist of restricted items that can be shipped. To view them, please visit the official US Customs site
These things are amongst those controlled from being transported by courier.
•            Aerosols
•            Dairy
•            Furs
•            Ivory
•            Fresh Food
•            Animals
•            Money
•            Nail varnish
•            Perfume
•            Plants
•            Tobacco
•            Seeds
Other things are especially controlled from entering into the USA by customs. A few of these include ink and other poisonous items. If you'd like to import products like this, you must have a TSCA (Toxic Substance Control Act) declaration, with a description of the ink formula. We also recommend individuals who are importing photograph film that you'll be billed duty on it, if it was purchased in a different country. If you bought it in the America, and you are coming back to the America, you'll not be charged.
Electronics Items
The import of electronic items is managed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). When transporting electronics to US, the FCC requires an extra form for customs acceptance. This needs to be completed by the sender and certifies that the goods being sent follow the FCC standards of import. The written document must be completed and attached with the customs invoice for the goods.
Sending Foodstuff Items to the US
Food transported to the US is monitored by the FDA and is subsequently fiercely controlled, as is shipping food with a courier.
•            Food has to be in the authentic manufacturer’s packing.
•            Food packing has to be secured and not interfered with in any way.
•            Food labelling should identify all ingredients.
•            Foods has to have a shelf life of greater than six months from the date of sending.
•            All foods with a shelf life of less than 6 months will be classified as spoilable and can't be delivered via courier, even when store bought.
•            All food imported into the America has to be cleared by the FDA, that may add several days to Customs clearance. The FDA additionally require advance notice for any food imports and failing to do so could result in your goods being detained or destroyed.
Shipping Personal Items to the America
Whilst personal items and gifts are normally excused from customs duties, they need to meet specific standards.
Clothing is expected to be owned and personally worn by the sender for a minimum of 6 months. There are no value exemptions, but generally, items valued below $200 ought to be nontaxable provided that they are professed as personal items.
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