Essential Guide for Shipping To Australia

Essential Guide for Shipping To Australia

When shipping to Australia, customs officials use a mix of; goods value, reason for export and the description of goods, to determine which classification of duties and taxes relate to your package. For instance; items re-sale purposes are subjected to a higher duties and taxes, compared to gifts and personal affects.

As soon as cargo lands in Australia, customs have to categorise the duty due for each item you are shipping. Various items have distinctive levels of duty and tax. Every item has a tariff categorisation.

To help you calculate your tariff visit Australian Border Control Website

Shipping Personal Effects and Gift Items to Australia

All baggage deliveries shipped into Australia are regarded as unaccompanied personal effects and could be subject to duty and Tax, but if you should meet specific conditions, you shouldn't need to pay anything. To be eligible for a duty & tax concessions for your personal freight, you will need to satisfy all of the following requirements:

  • Be the owner of the items and privately owned and made use of the products for a minimum of 1 year before leaving for Australia
  • Have entered or intend to enter Australia, and
  • Be an arriving individual who's a permanent citizen or a first-time migrant from a destination outside Australia taking on permanent residence.

Products which can be stated as personal effects normally consist of, but are not limited to; personal clothes and shoes, grooming products (but not perfume), furnishing, carpets, window curtains, publications and cycles.

Personal possessions/products which don't qualify for UPE immunity:

  • Alcohol and tobacco goods
  • Automobile parts
  • Products for re-sale
  • Products purchased from another country whilst in Australia (and this includes online purchases)
  • Items that have been bequeathed to you

Shipping Gift Items to Australia

Gift items aren't classified as personal effects, and will therefore run through standard customs approval in Australia. There isn't any duty or tax concession for delivering gifts to Australia; what this means is that your recipient must pay duties & taxes to be able to remove the items from customs.

Australia's Customs Invoices, Duties, Taxes & Licences

You need to submit a customs invoice with your package if you're shipping to Australia (except if you’re only mailing documents). It does not matter if you're shipping a present, personal effects or goods you have sold. In the event your parcel doesn't have a customs invoice included it won't get past your local border control.

To produce a transport invoice you will need to identify the following about your package:

  • The sender's address
  • The recipient’s address
  • The item description for every product you are shipping
  • The worth of everything for customs reasons together with the over-all freight value
  • The reasons for export (personal items, promotional items, sold goods, returned for repair etc)

Packaging Your Parcel

Australia goes to remarkable measures to preserve its breathtaking natural environment from dangerous disease and pest infestations, and consequently lots of items, goods and some packing materials are forbidden to use if you are shipping a parcel to Australia.

To prevent any significant dilemmas on import into Australia ensure that you avoid of the following packing items:

  • Any Egg cartons
  • Wooden boxes
  • Cardboard boxes which have already been used to carry fruit, vegetables or meat
  • Straw material
  • Dehydrated plant material

Just what exactly can you make use of to pack your items?

As with the majority of packages, it is definitely better to invest in a new durable dual corrugated cardboard boxes as exterior packing. For the interior packing you may use bubble wrap, old newspapers or polyurethane foam

Forbidden and Controlled Goods

For the most part, you will be confident that the majority of medicines, cosmetic products, perishable foods, animal products, wooden items and plants are categorised controlled or forbidden. Controlled items can nevertheless be shipped to Australia, however may necessitate the recipient to acquire an import licence before hand for customs approval.

These products are not able to be shipped by international courier:

  • Aerosols
  • Dairy
  • Furs
  • Ivory
  • Fresh Food
  • Animals
  • Cash
  • Nail Varnish
  • Perfume
  • Plants
  • Tobacco
  • Seeds

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