Crucial International Pallet Shipping Secrets

Crucial International Pallet Shipping Secrets
1 Place you goods on pallet, ensuring you use the correctly sized pallet for the shipment. This will ensure that the overall cost is minimised and essentially that the freight is protected against damage. For international pallet shipping you use either used or new pallets, but don't forget to check the pallet integrity and durability to make sure they don't break during transport. Placing the goods on the pallet as tightly packed as possible enables you to protect them as far as feasible whilst ensuring your load is compact also. Then shrink wrap the whole pallet securely.
2 Place your pallet on top of another pallet, so that don't need to bend down too far and improve stability.
3 To shrink wrap the pallet, first reel off a couple of feet of shrink wrap, squeeze this length so that it's like rope and use it to wrap several times around one corner of the pallet. You ought to refrain from creating a knot as it is difficult to make one, simply wrap it around several times to make it secure and in turn  easier to begin wrapping the whole pallet.
4 Begin by wrapping the bottom of the pallet in one direction and ensure that you do this a few times at a separate level so the wrap holds. This is essential to ensure that your freight is secure and unable to tumble, be generous with the shrink wrap. Continue to tightly wrap goods and ensure that it’s as sturdy as possible, then finally tuck in the tail end of the shrink wrap so that it can't flap around and potential come unwrapped.
5 You're objective is to render the whole pallet a singular cargo item able to be moved with no items dropping off. Double check you have wrapped everything diligently and as stable as possible.
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