Cheap Pallet Delivery Hooray, But wait, There are more reason to choose a delivery company

Cheap Pallet Delivery Hooray, But wait, There are more reason to choose a delivery company

While searching for a delivery company to transport your goods, you'll find several aspects to consider beyond the usual first search "cheap pallet delivery". Remember, you're going to be reliant on them, to guarantee your cargo arrives on time and in excellent condition.

So, just how do you decide and whom do you put your trust in?

First of all, it’s really worth asking yourself a couple of questions. Is transportation simply an expense to your company or more of an intrinsic aspect of your business operation? Precisely what are the operational risks, credibility risks and economic consequences associated of anything lower than 99% punctual dependable deliveries? What KPIs are crucial to your business when assessing a pallet delivery partner?

If transportation is a vital component of your operation and you have to think beyond "cheap pallet delivery" then this two part article will help you make a more informed choice when selecting an appropriate transport partner.

Factors to consider when selecting a delivery company:

1 Service Optimisation

Fast delivery, service availability and flexibility are all crucial elements for most operations. But, associated with these factors, are some "crunch points".

• Operational Safety Nets - Does the delivery company have a coherent logistics system, that operates consistently? The best transport businesses incorporate safety nets to accommodate for setbacks, road closures and human error etc.

• Regional Efficiencies  - Can the transport operator optimise route planning, collecting and shipping over shortest journeys, more conveniently with increased fuel efficiency, which as a result enables the delivery company to reduce operational expenses and therefore price their service sensibly.

• Reduced transfers - Direct routes and brief waiting time will influence service. Transport direct into a streamlined pallet hub can be effectively trunked, guaranteeing the same day or next day shipping with increased assurance. This reduces the majority of the typical causes for delay and the extra costs connected with the transfer procedure.

• Potential and ability for expansion - Can your potential partner satisfy more restrictive deadlines and new business obstacles? This is going to be especially critical if transportation is a primary component of your business.

2 Guaranteeing consistency and promptness

You will discover comparatively less old school type haulage companies remaining today, merely due to the fact palletised merchandise clients need much more than a driver and a truck. However the secret to consistency and promptness is stringent operating scheduling, exceptional IT structure and regimented processes.

Consider: what is the operational philosophy of the shipping company? Do they really delight in meeting and exceeding objectives every day?

3 Straight forward pricing strategy

Cost is commonly a leading decision factor, particularly concerning a price increases. But, on the other hand I bet you've never heard of a sales manager negotiating over £1 per pallet when their nationwide B&Q contract, is at risk due to late deliveries?

The majority of haulage clients are looking for clear pallet pricing per location and some versatility over scheduling. Typically for customers needing anything beyond a 3 day plus economy service, cost ought to not be the leading variable.

Remember, "you get what you pay for"...

Check out part two next week, when we'll look at other factors beyond "cheap pallet delivery", to consider when selecting your transport partner, including; ease of booking, tracking and some of the softer issues...

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