Is Unmanned Air Cargo A Reality?

Is Unmanned Air Cargo A Reality?
It's fascinating to analyze the foreseeable future of the Air Cargo market and although we usually concentrate on the upcoming couple of years we rarely discover how the market may perhaps evolve in decades from now. A new piece I read recently reveals that there might just be a possibility of unmanned air cargo aircraft by 2035 in the event that the financing is made available.
Should we consider technological innovation around 20 years ago who would have thought scheduled drone usage for military and the commercial market would be viable. What about GPS and the internet having revolutionised how we conduct business. It's not at all difficult to envision unmanned air cargo flights operating twenty years from now. A number of European organisations are driving this particular race for the advancement of these technologies and it's going to be intriguing to discover if significant development can be made.

Air Cargo Innovations

The Platform for Unmanned Cargo Aircraft (PUCA) signifies a distinct collection of organisations incorporating air cargo shippers, freight forwarders and experts who are investigating the possibilities of such a venture from a progression and innovation perspective. Reducing spend propels the research with a planned more modest aircraft, with a maximal capacity of approximately 20,000 lbs, being more affordable to produce and operate than manned aircraft.
The organisation expects to entice investors to fund for research and technology that they believe can transform the air cargo industry substantially in a progressive move away from large aircraft, hence creating marketplaces with a lesser demand. The cost and weight advantages of producing unmanned aircraft are believed to be substantive enough to make open up great number of air cargo opportunities that are presently either under serviced or uneconomical to service.
I guess time will tell just how feasible the venture may be, however the reality is that the swift breakthroughs in technologies suggest that it's completely possible.
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