Typical Mistakes When Shipping Pallets

Typical Mistakes When Shipping Pallets

If you're transporting cargo, it’s likely that it's going to need to be secured on shipping pallets. Freight companies choose pallets for differing reasons but chiefly because they maintain freight is safe and secure during transportation. Regrettably, both inexperienced and experienced shippers tend to make expensive blunders with regards to readying their freight.

Shipping Pallets Safeguard Tips:


The way in which pack your shipping pallets could mean the difference between tears of joy and tears of anguish. Try to avoid the next few pitfalls when arranging your cargo on pallets:

No More Jenga -  Watch Out For Top Heavy Shipping Pallets

Among the main flaws pallet shippers make in the initial out set is positioning overweight merchandise on top of the goods stack and placing much lighter goods underneath. This leads to your cargo being "top heavy" and is extremely susceptible to tipping over. Alternatively, locate heavy goods on the bottom and less heavy items on the top of your pallet stack.

It's A Wrap - Incorrect Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrapping is an ideal method to secure your cargo. Then again, when it's done incorrectly, it may endanger the stability of your shipping pallets. Dependant on your freight, you are going to need to wrap your load at least 3 times; top to bottom to make sure that the consignment and pallet feel as if their a single item.

Strap In For The Ride - Incorrect Pallet Strapping

Countless freight shippers use strapping to protect the cargo to the shipping pallets as an extra safety measure. The proper method of strapping your pallet is to wind the bands entirely around the pallet. An essential final step to be sure to ratchet the bands tight.

Take Away

Shipping Pallets is among the most economical methods of shipping cargo from point A to point B. Incorrectly packing your pallets may result in compromised products, slower handling and wasted space, leading to increased costs. At Speedshift, we deal with all sorts of freight shippers in order to guarantee their shipping pallets are packed and transported the best way. Depend on a respected freight service company to manage your freight securely.

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