Scorchio! Tips for Shipping Perishables This Summer

Scorchio! Tips for Shipping Perishables This Summer

The summer season is off to a sweltering start. For you lucky folks that laying on the beach with nothing to worry about except sun burn, I'm sure, the heat is a welcomed situation. But for those of us shipping perishables, the high temperature can contribute unnecessary stress. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Make Use Of Insulation

Foam insulation cartons are potential solutions for individuals needing to keep goods cool in high temps. Not only can these cartons help aid shipping perishables by keeping your goods cool, but the can additionally keep the hotter air out, plus may be able to function as cushioning within the container. Using this method, you simply will not require any extra space surrounding the package that may heat up during the course of transportation.

Using Gel Packs

Gel packs are one of the best ways to keep cargo cool and are fantastic when employed together with the previously mentioned insulation. Having said that, by incorporating gel packs, you will have to take into account the extra weight and possibly greater dimensions. Whether or not you add this expense to your clients' complete fee or you absorb the costs personally is your call, nonetheless this is a cost it is important to think about.

Label And Let Your Shipper Know

For anyone who is shipping perishables, ensure everybody who comes into contact with your container knows its perishable. Marking your consignment as heat sensitive will make sure that shippers and drivers both do their best and take special care of your merchandise, holding them in cool conditions if possible and not in the scorching sunlight. Likewise, you might want to notify your courier prior to collection of the consignment for transport.

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