Speedshift International Logistics - The Art of Gift Giving

Speedshift International Logistics - The Art of Gift Giving
Well, that time of year has just passed again, when people gather their family and friends, and celebrate the festive season, what they’ve achieved in the past year, what they haven’t quite gotten right yet, and what’s to come in the New Year. But if you have loved ones living overseas, in other parts of Europe, in the US, on the African continent or even in Australia, it's not so easy to share the Christmas cheer, until that is you realise how simple and affordable it is to use and international logistics company to send a gift.

A Gift is Not Just For Christmas

 But Christmas isn't the only time of year for showing our loved ones how we feel about them with a thoughtful gift, token of our appreciation, or even just something sentimental that reminds them of us. When you’ve got people you love that are far away, this is even more crucial. Have an idea for the perfect birthday gift for your daughter living overseas? Or want to send something special to a friend who had to move to another country for work? Well, Speedshift International Logistics can help, because we are an established well respected global shipping specialist here in the UK.

Regular Mail Or International Logistics

But why not just send gifts through the regular post? It’s simple really; especially at busier times, any postal service is stretched, and you want to make sure that you can check on your parcels progress. Speedshift International Logistics make your items a priority. We can coordinate the shipping and organising, and book with the best international courier partners, making sure to monitor and manage the logistics as and when it’s needed.

Show Them You Care Anytime

This service is perfect all year round. Need to send school books to a younger sibling, son or daughter in school or university overseas? No problem, we can ship that for you. Loved one getting married overseas and you cannot make the wedding but still want to send a gift to help them get started in married life? No problem, we can ship that for you. Moving house, home and country to reside somewhere else, and need to ship a container of your most valuable belongings, along with furniture and kitchen utensils? No problem, we can ship that too.
Whether you’re working in a new country outside of the UK, studying or even just making a change in your life that involves moving to a new country, Speedshift Global Courier services can help to ensure that your transition is as smooth as possible. We all know that a lot of the time, having your creature comforts isn’t about having a coffee maker or TV in whatever new place you’re residing in. It’s about having that chipped cup that your best friend back home gifted you ten years prior, having your favourite chair even though you’re living in a brand new room, and even receiving all your books from home plus an advent calendar from mum because she knows how much you love them.
When you send things overseas, they usually have high value, whether sentimental or financial, and Speedshift International Logistics are here to make sure that whatever you send by international courier, makes it to the desired destination intact and on time.

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