Speedshift is the biggest Engine shipper - UK and International

Speedshift is the biggest Engine shipper - UK and International

Speedshift is probably the biggest carrier of engines in the UK and Worldwide. Our customers use us to ship everything from a cheap used Vauxhall Astra car engine to an expensive Volvo D6 marine unit. We often carry racing engines which often have tight deadlines. Perhaps even being delivered to a race track on the morning of the race. For the UK and Europe engines normally travel by road. For the rest of the World airfreight is the preferred option. We can ship by sea but as Speedshift's air freight services are so cheap there is little point.


Preparing engines for transport


It is essential for engines and gearboxes to be fully drained. Engines are often placed on the top deck of lorries or above other cargo on aircraft. Nobody wants to see thick black oil leaking down onto pallets of clothing or even worse food stuff. Depots and carriers are now starting to fine people for failing to drain the oil. It is not difficult to prepare an engine and palletise it correctly. Firstly ALL oil should be drained from the engine AND the oil filter. Once this has been done you can then pour some diesel or petrol into the engine to wash out the residue. Once this has been done then place something absorbent betwen the engine and the pallet. Old carpet is ideal or even some sheets of cardboard. Then securely strap the engine down using banding or small ratchet straps. Some people use an old tyre to keep the engine upright but this increases the height which will increase the cost - especially for International airfreight. There is no need to do this if ALL fluids have been removed.




The guidelines for gearboxes are much the same as for engines. All oil must be drained. If it is an automatic gearbox then be careful the torque convertor - which looks like a doughnut - has been removed or secured with cable ties. The torque convertor can often slide off and become damaged or lost.




We have shipped engines and gearboxes all over the World. Of course Europe gets the most freight. Germany and France are very popular as are Greece and Spain. Iceland is a very good market for shipping engines. Land Rovers and Toyotas are very popular 4x4s. Speedshift has very good rates for airfreight to Iceland. Our partner TNT offers a great service door to door by air. The USA and Canada are also very popular destinations as is Australia. Speedshift has also shipped to some very remote corners of the Globe - Reunion Island and New Caladonia to mention but two.




Please remember when packing your engine or gearbox that you will pay for the overall dimensions including the pallet or crate. It is in your interest to build a special crate for shipping to protect your item and reduce the charges. For example a small gearbox would be wasted on a 120x100 pallet. Far better to place it on a smaller Europallet which is 120x80 or in a custom crate you could get it smaller again. Just remember 95% of all breakages are caused by bad packing. Pack things right you won't have a problem!




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