Shipping to Sweden The Essential Guide

Shipping to Sweden The Essential Guide
Having a populace of over 9 million, Sweden is among the biggest nations in the European Union. Immigration has impacted populace growth in Sweden.  If you're intending on moving to Sweden or residing in Sweden it might be useful for you to know how shipping to Sweden works for household items.
You're permitted to ship used household products and individual items duty free to Sweden provided that the items are in your possession and also use outside of the country for a minimum of one year.  Or Swedish citizens who plan to return for a minimum of one year and have to have been out of the country for a year.
If your freight shipment arrives in Sweden ahead of you're there, then your goods may be secured in a free port for an extra cost. There are free ports in Sweden including Saint-Barthélemy and Frihamnen.

If you're shipping to Sweden, you will have to have the following paperwork in order:

You will need three or more copies of a comprehensive inventory of the freight shipping products with info concerning the contents in each cargo container.  It's essential to be specific and as comprehensive as you can.  If a Swedish Customs officer needs to analyze your shipment as a result of inventory documentation that is in complete , additional fees may be incurred by you.
You are required to provide a Customs Form, if you're shipping to Sweden.  You personally must, sign this document, called Foersaekran Foer Flyttsakstullfrihet and have it witnessed in Sweden.
If you're cargo shipping to Sweden, then there are a number of things which you might be expected to pay taxes on.  These things include, Alcohol is being shipped by you to Sweden you are required to cover duties.
It's sometimes wise not to send alcohol to Sweden with family goods as a result of potential delays and extra charges.  Be certain you've got a prescription if you're shipping medication to Sweden.  When shipping explosives, weapons, ammunition, or guns you'll require a special import permit issued by the authorities.

Things Forbidden from Shipping to Sweden

If you're sending household goods to Sweden, then it's necessary to be aware that there are a number of things you aren't not permitted to send to Sweden.  Items contain the following:
  • Drugs and any narcotics
  • Mobile Phones
  • Open Razor Blades
  • Live crops
You're also forbidden from sending any animal skins and or ivory documented as endangered Species  

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