Shipping to India from UK The Essential Guide

Shipping to India from UK The Essential Guide
Shipping to India from UK can be challenging because of their tight regulations and bureaucratic hold ups. We highly recommend clients complete all shipping paperwork with precise details to avoid delays. To help you navigate your way through the minor minefield we have summarised the important points in this article. Alternatively, give us a call today and our shipping experts will be happy to help.

Avoiding Indian Custom Fees and Delays

·       Check your item isn’t on prohibited and restricted items list on the Indian Central Board of Excise and Customs website 
·       The most essential inclusion to your package is accurately completed customs documentation, which we provide for you when you book with Speedshift.
·       Include a lists of items in the package and their total value. Customs authority use this to evaluate correct tax and duty.
·       The fees are based on a number of aspects; including the reason for export, the product and value. This usually payable by the recipient
·       Shipping to India from UK usually takes 2-4 days. We advocate clients send goods a few days before any deadline. Long distance international cargo is sometimes prone to delays, especially with customs.

Shipping to India from UK - Electronic Goods

For anyone shipping specific electronics to India, you will have to ensure that you have a couple of extra details on your package. A good example is mobile phones, which must have its IMEI number clearly printed on the parcel to pass customs.

Shipping to India from UK - Medicine

To enable cargo comprising of drugs to be authorised by Indian customs, a document called No Objection Certificate (NOC) is necessary from the Assistant Drug Controller.  Additionally, you will need to detail the scientific name rather than the trade name on the customs documentation.

Shipping to India from UK - Gifts & Personal Items

When shipping a gift to India your parcel might qualify for gift exemptions, reducing the duty and tax. India's gift exemption INR 10,000, for both gifts and business samples. But, you are limited to 10 samples of the same item per consignment.


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