Shipping to Brazil: A quick guide

Shipping to Brazil: A quick guide
If you are shipping to Brazil, you're permitted to send household goods and personal effects duty free if your freight shipment comprises of things that you've owned and used for at least six months.
When shipping to Brazil shippers are required to offer a CPF number. Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas or the CPF is used by Revenue agency in Brazil for taxation purposes. Every citizen and resident of Brazil has a CPF number and you will be issued penalties by customs police, if this isn't provided to Brazil. Make sure that your CPF number accompanies the listing of things which you're shipping to Brazil.
Transporting Household Products and Personal Goods to Brazil
Concerning shipping household appliances there are no limits as long as they are compatible with your financial situation in Brazil and have always been in your possession.
If sports and exercise gear is being used by you for your exercise and not for commercial gain you're permitted to ship bicycles to Brazil
You're permitted to send computers to brazil however it's crucial to note that you are only permitted to send a quantity of computers that meets with your financial situation.
You're permitted to import some items if they are for your own personal use but you're not permitted to ship items if it's for resale, without paying duties. A seasoned cargo shipping company may provide information about this regulation to you.
You are able to send wine and food and other consumer products such as cleaning products to Brazil but you'll be expected to pay duty and fees. Taxes and duty fees of items when shipping to Brazil usually count for approximately 50 percent of the value of the goods.

Items Disallowed from Shipping to Brazil

You're not permitted to ship ammunition, arms or hazardous objects . Importing those kinds of things is prohibited. You are not permitted to ship narcotics and other medications to Brazil.

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