Can There Be An Actually Scarcity Of Drivers In Pallet Couriers Sector?

Can There Be An Actually Scarcity Of Drivers In Pallet Couriers Sector?

Since the tail end of last year, we have witnessed an continuous concern within the pallet couriers industry with regards to a scarcity of vehicle drivers. Since drivers are probably the heart of the road freight market, a shortfall could see decreased volume, a weaker sector as a whole and threats of supply chain obstructions during the course of peak delivery periods.

The Contributing Factors


The typical age of vehicle drivers is around 50. With the majority of the existing drivers hitting retirement age in the next decade or two, it's essential that we begin recruiting quickly. Encouraging more youthful personnel is crucial.

Way Of Life

The lifestyle of drivers has become known as a lonesome job. Including prolonged hours alone and overnight travel that often means little family time, the pallet couriers lifestyle simply isn't for everybody. While technology helps communications with family, it still isn't the role many want to take on.

Possible solutions may includes recruiting minorities, females, retired and the unemployed

Whilst the discussion whether or not there's really an actual a driver shortage is definitely still up for discussion, it is possible to make adjustments and improvements that can enhance the general take in of employees in the market.

Pallet Courier transport has its typical stereotypes and therefore eliminating these types of stereotypes entirely and focusing on individuals who are looking for work, that might not have the ability to find jobs someplace else and boosting the amount of ladies in the market can not only improve the supply chain industry in general, but can motivate an increasing number of these individuals to join the profession.

Whilst experience is undoubtedly one thing that many businesses are pleased to see in their potential workers, investing time to train new staff members who might do not have the exact same degree of experience will make sure that they are not omitting anybody from an business in need of staff.

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