Remember Webvan grocery courier pickup and delivery service? No? Why? They were simple too early

Remember Webvan grocery courier pickup and delivery service? No? Why? They were simple too early

It truly is interesting the way many trends go full circle. Nearly 20 years ago everyone believed they were able to select the next popular trend. Then following the "" boom and bust, it appeared everyone turned their back on revolutionary ideas. When the online Webvan grocery courier pickup and delivery service launched, people said "what the hell are they thinking, there's not enough profit in groceries for that to work"

Perhaps rightly so as they were haemorrhaging money. However I'm certainly not so sure the business model was unfounded. Nearly 18 years afterwards and the grocery van model is working. So were they simply just too early?

Online Grocery Courier Pickup And Delivery Driving Investment in Warehouse Automation

The predominant grocery industry news skirts Amazon’s investment in "Whole Foods" and the economies of scale and efficiencies that purchase is anticipated to create. The financial investment in grocery businesses is not only restricted to the premier brands like Amazon and Wal-Mart. But for what reason has the grocery courier pickup and delivery service turned full circle?

Recognition, Versatility, and Infrastructure

Internet buying and home delivery have grown to be more commonly accepted by the wider public. Internet commerce makes up a much greater proportion of retail trade today.

"Webvan" had considerable operations and Information Technology expenses. WMS today are actually considerably more sophisticated and established. There's minimal requirement for modification, standard IT solutions are innovative enough to exceed most demands. Plus warehouse automation has developed to become considerably more scalable and versatile.

Webvan's facilities didn't function at their initially supposed potential. Our present-day scalable and functional warehouse automation would've enabled Webvan to more effectively grow its capacity and control its operating costs.

Webvan managed to do a many things in different ways than present prosperous online grocery courier pickup and delivery services. However in general, ï believe they simply decided to market too early. Their particular operating conditions simply hadn't matured enough.

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