Pallet Networks - LCL Groupage Speedshift Logistics difference

Pallet Networks - LCL Groupage Speedshift Logistics difference

Great Britain is very lucky to have the best pallet logistics infrastructure in the World. No other country has the sophisticated pallet networks in place. There are 8 main networks for moving normal goods. Palletways , TPN, PalletForce, Fortec, PalletTrack, Palletline, Pallex and UPN. Between them they move over 100,000 pallets every night.


How they work - useful info for international Freight Forwarders


A typical pallet network is comprised of about 100 depots scattered around the UK. These depots are all independent haulage companies ranging from small family run companies with perhaps only 10 lorries up to much larger corporates with 400 or more vehicles. They will sign a contract with a Pallet Network and then trunk their freight to a central hub. These are usually based in the midlands. All the depots trucks meet at the hub and inter change pallets. Due to the vast number of pallets handled per night there is no hand balling of freight which is why everything must be palletised.


Huge cost savings


People in the UK just don't realise how easy and cheap it is to move freight here. If you wish to move say a cooker on a pallet from Southampton to Leeds it will cost you less than £40 with Speedshift. That is a distance of 250miles. There is no extra charge for residential and tail lifts or lift gates are standard. Compare that with countries like the USA or Australia. There are no pallet networks in operation so everything becomes a dedicated load. Residential addresses and lift gates or tail lifts are expensive extras. A typical charge for moving a pallet 250 miles would be between $600 and $1000. A vast difference.


The Speedshift difference


Speedshift does not just belong to 1 pallet network like most other companies. We have partner depots in ALL of them! There are good and bad depots in all pallet networks. We have cherrypicked the very best around the UK to give highly competitive rates and a service second to none.


Our Clients


Speedshift caters for everyone. From members of the public buying and selling on Ebay right up to large companies that are household names. Our service is very useful for overseas freight forwarders importing and exporting to the UK. We cover all the major sea ports such as Liverpool, Immingham, Southampton, Port of London, Tilbury and Felixstowe. We also cover the major airports. In particular Heathrow and manchester. We have storage facilities at all these sites.



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