Pallet Delivery To USA 4 Top Tips

Pallet Delivery To USA 4 Top Tips
So how simple is it to ship a pallet delivery to USA? Let's check out these easy steps to ensuring Uncle Phil gets his favourite team shirt or Nan gets hold of her special blend of wool

1 Determine That Your Pallet Delivery To USA Is Suitable

Step one is to getting your pallet delivery to USA is to confirm the goods on your pallet are safe and permitted to send, so it’s advisable you review which items are allowed. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection website will give you detailed information whether you wish to ship your prizes country fair pig, new underwear for Dad, pot of clotted cream for Gran or a car.

2 Ensure That You Know The Import Regulations For Your Pallet's Goods

All nations have customs regulations, and various guidelines when accepting goods from abroad, and occasionally those objects incur additional fees. If you are just shipping your brother a new jumper and Mother a new shawl, you've nothing to worry about regarding tax, however this is not the case for all things you may wish to send out on your pallet delivery to USA. So it's  worthwhile looking at their customs and border protection website to establish any potential extra expenses and to determine if there is any additional paperwork you need to complete.

3 Do Remember To Complete Your Pro-Forma Documents

To send a pallet delivery to USA you'll need to complete a "pro-forma invoice". This is necessary in US legislation and informs US Customs what exactly is on your pallet. It really is crucial to complete it correctly, to ensure that it passes quickly through customs and arrives at its destination as rapidly as it can be. Keep in mind, you are going to need to print 5 duplicates of the pro-forma and affix it to the exterior of your pallet in an bag or similar.

4 Pack Your Goods Properly For Their Trip

USA has diversified climatic conditions which fluctuates greatly dependant on the destination. Therefore if you are shipping things to the sweltering plains of North California, you will most likely wish to package your goods differently compared to when shipping to the windy city or Chicago.
So, as you can see is shipping a pallet to the USA is straight forward! It's extremely simple to ship a pallet delivery to USA with Speedshift simply click below or give us a call

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