Pallet Delivery - What does the future of the industry look like?

Pallet Delivery - What does the future of the industry look like?
Most of our clothes, nearly all of the food we eat, and almost everything we use to build and furnish our homes is, sooner or later, moved by the pallet delivery industry. With over two million UK workers, road haulage is The UK's fifth biggest industry and provides over £70 billion to the United Kingdom economy annually.
There are now just over 400 thousand goods vehicles registered in Britain. The number has remained static for many years now. Production of vehicles has grown. While build capacity has increased, the space they take up on our roads has not. They are Used by supermarkets for deliveries and by wholesale and mail distribution businesses.

Investment in pallet delivery infrastructure

Managing Director of Speedshift, Vince Jones States: "Intelligent IT and hefty investment is being made to move from integral to outsourced storage and distribution - with transportation management companies that offer outsourced solutions. It's not just about moving products - it is about forming a vital partnership with customers and service support to optimise efficiency and performance.
Some fast growing transport management companies are new to driver recruiting, taxation laws, fuel duty and tighter regulation. So they're having to change to meet with challenges. This changes the character of the pallet delivery provider and customer relationship for the better.
If you consider your pallet delivery company merely a haulier you're probably behind the times. Modern transport management is now much more linked to consignee operations, inventory, pricing inventory management, supply chain planning and invoicing than just pallet delivery of products.
If transport logistics and associated services isn't a major influence in your operations trading margin it certainly  could be. But not if you continue to think the road haulage in the traditional sense.

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