Logistics Companies Becoming Laser Guided

Logistics Companies Becoming Laser Guided

Laser guided vehicles are a  versatile automatic guided vehicle solution new to logistics companies around the globe. The laser guided models are a more adaptable option than previous types auto guided vehicles that trace indicators or cables in the floor or where routing is dependent on adhering to a magnet crumb path. Laser guided vehicles can travel throughout a location on numerous paths and the routes can be adjusted as required. Let's take a look at how a normal LGV installation would work.

Targeted Logistics Companies

Each LGV has a number of spinning laser sensors that communicate with targets installed along the route.  The laser sensors acquire reflected impulses and make use of that data to calculate the vehicle's location. The navigation systems recalculate the LGV position forty times every second, meaning that course modifications remain small. Logistics companies plan and update virtual routes in special software.

The laser targets are normally mounted on columns, which would switch left and right every 25 metres. The targets have a core that is extremely reflective enclosed by a 1cm black border. The targets have to be accurately surveyed in a building. The survey discovers the left edge of the reflective area and places it on a CAD drawing with a accuracy that's typically within 1mm of precisely what is displayed on the design. The survey is complete making use of a transit survey device, called a theodolite. This is a finely-detailed optical tool for measurement, they can be found on constriction sites for surveying building characteristics.

As well as performing a target survey, a survey of the cordless structure can also be complete. Dependable wireless coverage enables continual communications between the LGVs and the logistics companies management software.  Effective wireless coverage is also required if the LGV is performing automatic barcode scans or is incorporated to a factory management system.

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