Is International Freight Shipping Insurance A Waste Of Money?

Is International Freight Shipping Insurance A Waste Of Money?
Regardless if you use international freight shipping services once or an a regular basis, the question we are asked most often is , "will I really need cargo insurance?"
Chances are you'll probably be thinking, “I’ve shipped goods around the UK dozens of times and I've never had a problem” or “surely they can't possibly lose something the size of a container?” In reality international freight shipping requires lot's more moving parts than domestic transport and even though a container isn't actually missing, does not mean you'll not encounter a complete loss.

What is International Freight Shipping Cargo Insurance?

It's insurance protection that safeguards a consignment that may consist of personal items, household goods, vehicles or any kind of commercial goods. Shippers obtain freight charges dependent on the specific features of their cargo and must know and communicate to their international freight shipping organisations their freight terms and conditions.
Freight forwarders will usually ask the sender to agree to or reject cargo insurance. Insurance costs are derived from the goods, the destinations and the value of your freight.  Cargo insurance covers the worth of the product in the consignment in case that the consignment is lost or harmed throughout  transportation.

What If you're not insured?

In the event that you reject insurance protection or fail to insure your cargo, you're run the risk that, if a loss or damages take place, you're not going to have the opportunity to request reimbursement.
At the same time, if gross negligence or mishandling of the cargo is established in due course with the relevant paperwork and signature of the courier's at the point of the delivery, you may be able to file a claim against that courier. However, liability is extremely limited and in many instances will result in nothing.

Key Take Away: International freight shipping insurance is a no brainer

Mistakes, while highly improbable, can occur at any point during the international freight shipping process. Given the low cost of cargo insurance and the minimal percentage of you're overall cost, you'd have to be mad not to insure your goods.
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