International Freight Forwarders V Shippers

International Freight Forwarders V Shippers

International freight forwarders and shippers are frequently utilised phrases and the distinctions between the definitions are subtle, with a little overlapping functionality included in the operations.  As an example, both involve:

  • Delivery of freight
  • Placement of transportation over extended distances
  • Cooperation with couriers and businesses whose order process is dependent on the movement of goods

International Freight Forwarder

A freight forwarder is a business that arranges deliveries for customers or companies to get goods from the producer or manufacturer to a marketplace, client or last point of delivery. Contracting with a courier to ship goods, the forwarder makes sure that freight securely gets to its expected location and just how to make that occur.

A forwarder doesn't shift the merchandise, but serves as a specialist in the logistics network. A forwarder contracts with couriers to send freight. Cargo can be scheduled on sea vessels, planes, vehicles and railways and it is typical for a solitary delivery of freight to be moved on several carrier types.

International freight forwarders usually manage offshore shipments and have further expertise in planning and handling customs and other paperwork, not forgetting carrying out activities relevant to international cargo.


The term shippers alternatively represents the specific process of moving goods and cargo. Whilst initially used to depict transportation by sea, the phrase became more extensively used in The USA to additionally incorporate shipping by airplane, vehicles and railway.

The very best transportation service provider should be able to comprehend the character and objectives of your individual company and offer expert advice with particular emphasis on those elements that will create the most considerable advantages for your needs. In other words, the ideal supplier will know your best interests and will likely have critical knowledge with all procedures.

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